3V appartment

Please find attached the pictures and the size of each room in the apartment. Note that these are the previous owners pictures, please disregard all the furniture (besides in the kitchen and bathroom. The apartment will be empty by the time you need to paint, besides the big closet (in kids room), the lamps, the persienner and a few boxes laying in the living room. We are moving in on the 31st of October so the apartment will be available for painting from the 1st of November, when would you e able to start and when would it be done? There will also be a few holes in the walls (from previous frames, etc) that we would like to get fixed. Do you also do that? We would like the all apartment painted in white and with the special "washable" paint in the kitchen/bathroom. What would be the cost of this? Please let me know if you have any questions. I can call you to clarify any issues. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Sara
Oprettet 23.10.2018
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Ønskes påbegyndt 01. November, 2018
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