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The house needs to be painted only on the inside, it is 145m2 (2.3-2.5 metres high). As it is a new house, it is in very good state. There is no humidity and no wallpaper. We will need to close some holes on the walls (from normal use). All the rooms will be painted white except for the living-room which will be light grey. Two small walls are black now (need to become white). The house will be empty. We just need to paint the walls (no ceiling, no doors, no windows). I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions: Are you available on the 16th of September? How long will it take to finish the job? What will the cost be (including materials and VAT)? What type of paint do you use?
Oprettet 28.06.2019
Kategori Maler
Ønskes påbegyndt 16. September, 2019
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